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Accelerate Your Mojo Mentorship Program Information


  • Enrollment in the Accelerate Your Mojo Mentorship Program is open and ongoing.
  • This page describes everything you need to know.
  • Private 1-on-1 mentorship is the only coaching option at the moment.

In the Accelerate Your Mojo mentorship program you and I work closely together one-on-one to help you realize specific inner (and outer) transformations.


Accelerate means to realize sooner.

Mojo refers to your connection to Source.


We'll use your constant and stable connection to Spirit to help you hear, trust and follow your intuition, transform fear when it shows up and be confident as your authentic self. Your desires and aspirations will change throughout your life as you do. What doesn't change is your connection to Source. AYM teaches you how to use this connection to tune into your true flow state creating confidence in your path and trust in yourself.


The three main Accelerate Your Mojo inner transformations are  ...

  1. Replace doubt and overwhelm with intuition, inner guidance, and spiritual connection as your true north, helping you know you're always in the right place making the right choices.
  2.  Move around fear (or any negative feelings) every time it shows up so you can always  get unstuck and keep taking inspired actions.
  3.  Build trust and confidence in yourself, your path in life, and be your true self, unapologetically.

The main source of content we're using to navigate these inner changes are your own, unique life experiences. We're not working with future hypotheticals. We're using experiential data and growing inner awareness based on developing new points of view about those experiences.

Once you understand the true nature of reality and how you create your own, empowerment is natural.

Accelerate Your Mojo is not about mastery in the sense of trying to reach some elusive pinnacle point where we arrive and everything is easy and perfect from then on. It's about cultivating a practice of awareness and allowance, so we can expand into the next moment, and the next and the next, with a greater sense of trust, which includes knowing that everything is always working out for us even when we can't see how.

In our time together, we will also address ideas such as ...

  • The nature of consciousness and reality.
  • Why your life is unfolding in the way it is and what you can do to change the things you don't like breaking free of the idea that things happen to you or that you're just unlucky, unworthy, need to work harder, or don't have the right mindset.
  • Manifestation, visualization, karma, resonance, alignment, past lives, parallel lives, and mindset.
  • All aspects of the law of attraction such as how to make it work for you and what to do when it feels like it's NOT working.

How will you get these inner (and outer) transformations?


We'll get there by using the seven steps in the AYM process in concert with your everyday situations and experiences. Keep in mind this is not a step-by-step process but a multidimensional one in which you're at the center. Experiential learning is the only kind that produces lasting changes in one's life. This is what makes the AYM approach so unique. Your point of reference for what to do next is always based on your current, personal experiences, and never hypotheticals or future goals.


To learn more about the AYM mentorship program and ensure it's the best next step for you, please set up a 30-minute discovery call. 

 Once you enroll for that discovery call, look out for an email with further instructions.

I've outlined the 7 AYM steps we'll be covering in the mentorship program below so you are clear on how we'll be spending our time together. Writing the Accelerate Your Mojo book was the beginning of my channeled writing process. I asked for guidance from my Higher Self and instead of doubting like I'd done most of my life, I trusted.

I trusted that the information I was receiving would help me become confident, inspired, and feel worthy of receiving all the good that I'd been asking for a long time. I got that and more. I'm excited to share this transformative process with you!

Below are the lens (steps) which will facilitate your process of transformation to igniting intuition, shaking off fear and unleashing the real you.


Using the concept of asking for what you want, we'll examine and integrate the first step in the AYM process into your daily life.

If getting what you wanted was as simple as just asking for it, then we'd all have everything we wanted already.

There's more to it than that and you'll learn about it here.



For this concept, we'll look at what's happening in the realm of your desires. Desires are the stuff you want to happen in your life.

While wanting something really badly can overpower your doubts about it, doing it that way is a lot of work.

I'll show you an easier way.



Through the lens of beliefs, we'll uncover the true nature of all beliefs—positive, negative, limiting, and subconscious and how to identify when they're activated.

We'll introduce you to your emotional guidance system and learn how it reveals what a belief is—positive, negative, or subconscious— instantly.

You'll learn the one question you can ask yourself to reveal what you believe to be true about youself.


Do you allow in what you asked for? In this section, we'll examine how to allow in more of the good that you asked for in Step One.

Another name for allowing is receiving. If you've asked for stuff and it hasn't manifested in your reality yet, get excited about this step.

Once you learn how easy it is to allow in what you want you'll never go back to your old ways.




Focus of Attention

In the area of focusing attention, we'll determine where the majority of your focus is and how to develop a balance between your inner and outer realities.

If you're focused too much on your external reality, you'll be frustrated when your actions don't produce. If you're too focused on the inner reality, you might forget that you actually have to take aligned action for things to change.

This section releases you from the idea that luck or karma has anything to do with what happens to you. 


Inspired Action

There's a huge difference between doing what you think you SHOULD do and doing what you're inspired to do. Using the idea of alignment, we'll unravel the difference between forced action and inspired action. Forced action is the stuff you do because you think you have to or someone else told you to. You're doing it out of fear that if you don't you'll never get the results you want.

If you've been taking lots of action and working really hard, yet you're frustrated because your results aren't changing, you won't want to miss this step.




Detached Optimism

In this section, I'll introduce you to the secret sauce of timely manifestation. Are you holding too tightly to your dreams and insisting they come in the way you imagined them only?

When you can think about what you want and are excited about it but you don't need it to happen in order for you to be happy, you're in great shape.

If you've ever said, "That's NOT the way it's supposed to happen," and felt any degrees of sadness, disappointment, fear, anger, or any negative emotion, you'll benefit greatly from this step.

Are you ready to get started?


If you're excited about working with me and feel the AYM process can help you ditch the doubt and find the flow, set up a 30-minute discovery call BEFORE you enroll 
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Dr. Taffy Wagner

Are you ready to take more control of your life than ever before? Are you ready to be in the driver’s seat? That is exactly what happened with me in the Accelerate Your Mojo program.

I have pretty much been a go-getter, yet I only started studying mindset in the last four or five years. I would make progress and then I would find myself returning to bad habits.

When I was presented with the opportunity to join the Accelerate Your Mojo program, I was all in. I made a commitment to myself to “follow instructions” and participate in the calls. This program taught me how to pay attention to my thoughts, experiences in my day-to-day life from personal to business, and also my belief system.

I was able to dig in deep and discover more about myself spiritually.  We have more power than we think. Prepare for the beginning of an AHhhMAZING Journey. Allison was truly MADE to help you! Don’t wait another minute to BECOME the BEST YOU!!

Carmen L.

I can enthusiastically recommend the AYM program.  In a few short months, it has already helped me to feel more optimistic, clearer in thinking through problems or situations, and more confident in general.  This way of thinking about things is much freer and lighter than pondering, fretting, ruminating, etc.  You can cut to the chase in a simpler way that is also more fun.  Allison is extremely generous in sharing her information and expertise and has keen insight that is so helpful.  I have found the process most worthwhile.

Accelerate Your Mojo: 7 Simple Steps to Ignite Intuition, Shake off Fear, and Unleash the Real You.

This is the book we'll use as our "curriculum" for the mentorship program. The online course is based on this book. You'll get access to that course with mentoship enrollment.

This book contains more than just the AYM seven steps. I share my early awareness of being an earth-bound divine being and how childhood trauma did not keep me from my true path in life.

This book thoroughly conveys how to tap into intuition, move around fear every time it show s up, and be more of your real self, unapologetically.


Accelerate Your Mojo Framework


This program was designed around the individual and with independence as a foundational principle. Each step (which is really just a perspective) has an underlying component that directly links to another step.

All steps are interconnected and are used to support the three transformations of igniting intuition, shaking off fear and unleashing the real you.

Nothing is stagnant in this approach or has more value than anything else. There is no beginning or end (like there is with one directional, point-to-point goal setting and achieving) because AYM is designed to support you as you grow and change throughout life encountering challenges along the way.

As a mentor, I function as the bumpers on the bowling alley. I help keep you in the lane giving you direction and guidance but you have to pick up the ball and roll it (metaphorically speaking). I will guide and support you all along the way but the work will be done by you. I know that's a scary thought but you got this!

There will always be new challenges in your life so it's really helpful to have an approach that'll help you navigate along the way bringing you home to a happy heart and a sense of love and support from the only self-help you truly need: help from your totel self.

If you're tired of being a people pleaser, struggling with low self-confidnece, not listening to your intuition, living in flight or fight mode or having constantly doubt that life is working out, this let's talk as see if working together is right for you.