I’m Allison, an intuitive and spiritual mentor. I help conscious women embrace their connection to Higher Self, fully trust intuition and synchronicities, and master the art of moving around fear EVERY time it shows up. You can be your authentic self and receive all the good you've been asking for!

Your journey to higher levels of consciousness and self-awareness begins with a (free) chapter from my book.


I’m Allison, an intuitive and spiritual mentor. I'm here to help conscious women embrace their connection to Higher Self, fully trust intuition, signs, and synchronicities, and master the art of moving around fear EVERY time it shows up.

Your journey to higher levels of consciousness and self-trust begins with a (free) chapter from my book.

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Perfect for the woman who wants high levels of spiritual information and training but prefers to digest the material independently.

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Love evolving yourself? Looking for a totally new and unique perspective on traditional self-help and spiritual growth ideas? Check out my highly rated self-guided courses on intuition and visualization.

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My passion is helping women who are waking up to their spiritual side fully develop their creative abilities. Think of me like your 21st century Professor McGonagall.

I'll teach you the secrets to fully trusting your intuition, synchronicity, and signs from the universe.

I'll show you the magic of pivoting around doubt and fear when they show up (instead of trying to live fearlessly, which is an impossible goal).

You'll learn something very few people on this planet teach which is the mechanics of transforming fear into positive energy and the true structure of beliefs beyond the labels of positive and negative.

I'll share proven ways of seamlessly aligning with your Inner Being providing that sense of calm confidence you crave when the sh*t hits the fan.

I'll teach you the tricks to manifesting what you want by shifting your vibration.

You'll intimately understand the mechanics of how you create your reality because we'll use your own experiences as case studies.

No more wondering why your gratitude journals aren't making a difference or visualizing goals for hours that never materialize. No more screaming into your pillow because you don't understand why things aren't working out the way you thought they would.

No more thinking you're not worthy, blaming karma for your troubles, or wondering if you'll ever be successful or happy.

You're going to learn the fundamentals of ideal reality creation. Feelings of certainty and confidence will be your new habits of thought.

If you've been following spiritual teachers for years—watching Youtube videos, reading every book you can get your hands on, and enrolling in programs but still don't understand why things aren't changing, I'd love to work with you.

If you're a newbie in the world of spiritual awakenings and you want someone with twenty plus years of teaching experience and multidimensional wisdom to help you bypass the self-help dogma and get right to the fundamentals of how the nature of reality and consciousness work so you can make your life better, I'm your gal.

Feel free to book a discovery call with me using the link under Hannah's testimonial. We just talk about whether or not any of my programs are right for you or not. Or you just click the link below to learn more about me.

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"I would like to thank Allison for all her time and effort in setting up such an amazing course and being an incredible mentor. The AYM course has been life changing for me. It has allowed me to change my outlook on life and the way I live. I have gone from living with a negative outlook on everything, no self-confidence, fearful, drowning in negative past experiences, and being ruled by my [limiting] beliefs and emotions without understanding them. 


I'm now connected to who I truly am and my [negative] beliefs and emotions do not dictate how I am moving through life. I am truly grateful to Allison for all the time and support she gave in our online sessions and through email. After trying different self-help tools over the years, this has been the one that has actually made a significant difference. It is a process and one that I will continue with even after the course finishes. I have the materials from the course and the recordings from the sessions which I can go back an revisit as and when I need to. I would highly recommend this course to anyone as I think no matter where you are in life you would gain so much from doing the 7 AYM steps."

~Hannah N.

Teacher, Reiki Master

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