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The Accelerate Your Mojo library of ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ self-guided digital courses is loved by students around the world.

Welcome to the future of learning! Self-guided digital courses are a necessity for any devoted fan of personal development. Inner growth is a powerful catalyst for sustainable health, wealth, and happiness.

As are unique because you can ask unlimited questions inside the class. Post questions when you have them and get a personalized answer!

Below is the current catalog of digital classes available. Check out the video mix for each class, and send your questions to: [email protected]m. 

All courses come with lifetime access and unlimited Q & A. The ability to drop your questions in the comment section and get a personalized answer makes these classes unlike any other self-guided courses on the market today.

Let's Grow Together

Spiritual growth is an independent journey but we don't need to travel alone.

I love teaching about everything from intuition to transforming fears and the power of authenticity. There's a lot to discuss; let's start this beautiful journey together!

Very thorough and well-explained course. "Allison really explains it all and shows her full commitment to her subject at hand. She is very passionate about what she teaches and she does it well. I really enjoyed this course!"


-Anna S.

Visualization Mastery 201: Turn Thoughts to Things Today Course
Visualization Mastery 2.0: Turn Thoughts to Things Today

Learn the proper use and implementation of visualization, dramatically increasing the likelihood of manifesting what you want!

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 Accelerate Your Mojo

7 Simple Steps to ignite intuition, shake off fear, and unleash the real you. The highlight video is from step seven.

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 Ignite Intuition: Your Key to Better Living

Harness the power of intuition for decision-making and your creative endeavors, building self-confidence along the way.

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Intuition for Everyday Living Masterclass: 2021 Summit Recordings

20+ teachers expertly guide you to hear, trust, and follow your intuition. 👉Click on the button to watch video teaser trailers.

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Rediscovering Certainty In Uncertain Times

We live in highly uncertain times. So much is happening that we never expected. Discover how to always bring yourself back to a centered stability.

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Channeling, Mediumship, Intuition, Oh My! 2022 Summit recordings

12 expert practitioners walk you through how to be intuitive, channel, and practice mediumship. 👉Click the button to watch video teaser trailers.

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