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Intuition For Everyday Living Masterclass

This video series was originally offered as a summit with a limited time offer in February 2021.

I've reopened enrollment in 2022 and post flash sales when the intuitive idea hits.

You can view all the trailers for each interview (so you know what you're getting) here!

Enroll includes:

You get access to all videos in this series adding up to more than 20 hours of education and training.


Some of the original bonuses are still available inside the class portal. These bonuses include:

Don't hesitate to join us in class today!

Honing your intuition is the greatest gift you can give yourself. This digital class teaches you how to:

❤️ Get the answers you need when you need them, so you don't stay stuck and frustrated.

❤️ Clearly hear your inner voice more often and trust that it's real.

❤️ Enhance your creativity and inspired actions eliminating procrastination and other forms of self-sabotage, realizing your goals.

❤️ Awaken inner peace and potent spiritual alignment increasing happiness and resilience.

❤️ Trust yourself and your choices, artfully navigating challenging situations every time they show up in your life.

❤️ Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your inner voice is real and that you can trust it, giving you the confidence to show up in the world as your real self.

❤️ Foster self-confidence and decrease anxiety about the unknown.

And don't forget ... even though it's a self-guided class, I'll be monitoring the comment section inside the class portal for anyone who needs help or leaves comments!

This course has a 7 day money back guarantee (minus a $5 administrative and processing fee). If you buy this class in a flash sale for less than $5, no refunds are given for any reason. If you purchase at full price after 7 days, no refunds either full or partial will be given.

What People Are Saying:

I have been thoroughly enjoying Allison Sutter's Intuition for Everyday Living. It's so interesting because I feel like I could sit down and have a conversation with every single one of these amazing speakers who are part of this masterclass. It feels like this circle of people who are speaking the same language! The fact that intuition is something that we can literally use on the day-to-day, I love the tips on how we can do that and how we can differentiate it from fear. It's a beautiful place to deepen our sense of self, our inner sense of knowing and just trust ourselves and come from a place of strength.

Stephanie Zito