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Visualization Mastery 2.0

Learn the subtle art of using visualization to turn dreams into realities.

What you'll get:

  • 3.5+ hour of on-demand video training
  • 7 Packed PDF's walking you through exactly what to do
  • Lifetime Access
  • Personalized Answers to Questions inside the class
  • 14 Days Money Back Guarantee 


What People Are Saying:

Excellent course, would highly recommend! Thank you!


Visualizing success and emotionally stoked!


The best!


Topics are nicely explained.


If I can I give it a 100 plus or maybe more. I had never ever seen any course on law of attraction and visualization the like. Allison is very knowledgeable on the subject and she delivers it so well. All videos are well explained and pdfs are also well explained. Allison goes in depth in the subject and explains it very well. Also the mixing of videos with pdfs is great as everyone is a different learner. Some learners learn by hearing, some are visual etc..... This is what I needed the most at this time of life. I really thank you, Allison, from the bottom of my heart. With this course it feels like somebody grabbed me by the hand and is showing me the way. I feel that with this course I am not going to miss out and that I will succeed sooner than later. I cannot stop to thank you enough, Allison. For those of you who are undecided ...... I'd tell you go for this course. It is worth every penny. You will see a lot of changes in you in no time. Believe me.


Wow! haha such good information on visualization that touches u deep and makes u actually FEEL how to do it before you know how to do it :p


She knows what she is talking about. I've listened to others explain this process. She nails it, for me.


I'm deeply impressed with Ms Sutter's take on visualisation. Without making it look esoteric, she makes it look like any other activity where one can gain mastery with consistent practice. Am super impressed. Wishing her the very best and thanking her for the course.


This is absolutely the BEST course I have ever taken on Visualization. Allison has helped me to understand more about myself, visualizing, emotions and desire than I knew. It is like the missing piece to the puzzle has now been filled. This course is so dynamic, I am preparing to go through it a second time. I have no doubt in my mind that I will get more going through it a second time. You OWE it to YOURSELF, Your Family, Your Dreams and Desires to take this course. Thank you Allison for being accessible while I was going through this course. May you get a thousand fold blessings as you are helping people LIVE the LIFE of their DREAMS!


Excellent course! If you approach it with an open mind, then you will learn a lot. Allison does a great job explaining the material and the transformation activities are really helpful so make sure you do them to get the most out of the course.


As someone who is well versed in metaphysical concepts and quantum physics, I still find that visualization is the area where I struggle. I "get" it, I just have found it challenging to actually "do" it. I'm very visual in the way I learn and absorb information but creating a visual in my imagination is an entirely different beast and one I've yet to conquer. This course didn't solve that for me BUT I feel like it's helped to move me along my path. I enjoyed the content and the instructor and see how this course could be of great value to others who are just starting to learn about visualization and are eager to master it.


This course, in its entirety, has capsulized many years of taking numerous personal development courses and spending thousands of dollars into an explicit roadmap to realizing my life goal. The exercises will benefit all areas of my life. Allison is an approachable and caring instructor who responds!


Great and powerful course! It has truly and truthfully enlightened me and equipped me with how to use the power of visualization, my feelings, and my thoughts. This course was well explained and well processed. The course is great not only because of great explanations but it's great because it was a real case study of the instructor on how she was able (and did intentionally) use the power of thoughts, feelings, and gratitude. The power of visualization is far more useful and life-changing once you take and apply the concepts in this course. Every word is gold, nothing's wasted. Every sentence was designed and directed to change how your mind thinks and how you can use the power of visualization. It is full of details and transformation activities because the course instructor wants to transform your life into magical life and in doing so brings your hearts desire. Thank you so much :D


Though I have been practicing visualization for many months, this course simply moved me many levels up. Immensely helpful and enjoyable.


Very thorough and well-explained course. Allison really explains it all and shows her full commitment to her subject at hand. She is very passionate about what she teaches and she does it well. I really enjoyed this course!